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DuoSpan® Subframe

Designed to do more. Engineered to last.

DuoSpan® combines the strength of aluminium with the design flexibility of recycled plastic. This achieves a system that provides exceptional ease of installation, enormous strength and durability, and the scope to construct stunning decks and structures that would be impossible with conventional subframes.

DuoSpan® provides the perfect subframe for Millboard decking, as well as a universal support system for other outdoor flooring. Its ingenious design facilitates top-down fixing of decking boards and makes it an easy installation for all levels of competence.

DuoSpan® has been designed by industry professionals to comply with Eurocode 1: Actions on Structures (BS EN 1991-1-1), and is available in component form, or in five simple off-the-shelf kits, for ease of ordering.

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“I love DuoSpan. It’s so different to everything else out there and reduces stress massively.”
Ed Phillips, Approved Installer
Flexible connectivity
Multiple bracket types for all types of joints, including Flexible Brackets for non-standard angles.
Slot-and-screw assembly
Screw-locating grooves and self-drilling screws ensure accurate alignment and a fast fix that’s right every time.
Unique curved constructions
The combination of rigid DuoSpan® with flexible Plas-Pro enables the construction of stunning curved formations.
Exceptional spans
The DuoSpan® 99mm Joist provides an exceptional 1800mm span in residential applications, reducing posts or joist supports required.
Galvanic corrosion between different metals is minimised with our cathodic barrier fixings.
Simple, stable fixing
Decking and cladding can be easily and securely screwed directly into the DuoSpan® subframe at almost any angle using Durafix 45mm screws.

Components & Materials

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