Floating Pocket Park


Authentic wood-look walkway and furniture
Project Location
Tony Woods / Garden Club London

The area around the Grand Union Canal at Paddington Basin has undergone a huge transformation over the past few years, including the 4.45 hectare Merchant Square development. This includes an innovative element in the form of London’s first floating park. Designed by Royal Horticultural Society Young Garden Designer of the Year and Gold Medallist Tony Woods, the park is situated on a hitherto unused and neglected part of the canal system. It features lawns, trees, a wildlife island and walkways, and decking created with Millboard Enhanced Grain boards. Woods was inspired by a 2016 report that confirmed that waterside living contributes enormously to improving mental well-being and physical health. His trailblazing concept of an ‘urban blue space’ in London has been well received by visitors and judging bodies alike.

Real timber would not be able to meet the requirements of the space and many composite products simply looked cheap or unattractive.