California Country Park


Replacement of existing timber boardwalk within a challenging environmental context
Project Location
Creative Timberwork

Longmoor Bog in California Park, Wokingham is a unique and historic Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The bog is an impressive 8000 years old and is scientifically renowned for the rare types of bacteria that can be found there. Situated within a Country Park owned by Wokingham Borough Council, it became necessary to replace the old and rotten softwood boardwalk that crossed the famous bog with a safer, longer lasting, low maintenance alternative. After comparing the options of a new timber replacement with a manmade alternative, it was decided that Millboard decking would provide the best value for money. Millboard decking provided maximised product longevity and durability within an extremely challenging and damp environment. The decking also provided enhanced slip protection for the many members of the public who would be using the boardwalk.

We are so pleased with the finished article that we are already planning new projects involving the same material.